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Our mission is to help women live a healthy, leaner life  everyday.  We provide inspiration, motivation and information to support women in their weight loss journey.

Despite the media attention and all the information that's available, people simply struggle losing weight.   But there are some very good reasons for this:  too much misinformation is available.  We are here to clear the air with some good sound advice that will simplify your weight loss journey.

It's important to make the right kind of changes in order to lose weight and to keep it off  over time.  

About Us


Whether you want to improve your own physical and psychological well-being, reduce health risks, or look and feel better the need for a healthy lifestyle is important. 

Over the last 20 plus years my life has revolved around health, weight loss and fitness.  Running a personal training business supporting, educating and coaching many hundreds to build a better life through positive movement and healthy balanced nutrition.  Then moving into a specialist role of Sports and Nutritional supplementation built my understanding of nutritional ingredients and how they can impact on our body for both health and healing. 

After having my second child, I had the challenge of returning to my pre-baby weight and fitness level that many women go through.  This is where I began to research many of the popular weight loss programs in the market and found that there is a lot of misleading and complicated messaging online.

With all my knowledge and understanding I gathered over the past 20 plus years I felt it was important to continue to support, educate and guide many others on their journey to a healthy lifestyle through the convenience of the internet.   

"I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you". 


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